A Guide to DTG Painting

No one likes boring tees and we all want to stand out with our looks. Want to know what can change your boring t-shirts into the cool graphic t-shirts of your choice? Your answer is DTG Printers which is a cool way to bring life to your clothes and enhance every piece of garment you want. 

DTG printing is an amazing way to print fresh and high-quality t-shirts in no time. Direct To Garment is a cutting-edge technology that enables us to print on garments in any design you desire. 

What is DTG Printing?

DTG or Direct To Garment is a printing method that produces incredibly high-quality artwork on textiles and garments. It uses modified inkjet technology to print graphics on garments. We can think of it as an inkjet printer for clothes. 

DTG printers enable us to print more than 16 million colours directly on any garment. It uses safe ink which dries quickly. This ink soaks into the material and becomes a part of it hence there is no place for the graphic to crack, peel or wash away wait time. 

Why are DTG Printers so fast?

DTG printing needs no time to set up whereas in the case of screen printing there are a lot of tedious jobs involved in setting up the printer. The entire graphic is printed on your shirt in one single pass, no matter how many colours are involved. Unlike screen printing which requires a separate pass and screen for each individual colour, DTG printing does the job in no time. 

Apart from being fast, using DTG printers is very easy because of their user-friendly nature. It also cuts a lot on the cost involved to obtain your final product.

Where to find the best DTG Printers?

Looking for the best place to get a DTG Printer? Don’t look any further because DTG Pro is the best place to get high-quality products at a very affordable price. DTG Pro is a reputed company that offers textile solutions to its customers.

There are mainly three types of DTG Printers:

Entry-Level DTG Printer

Mid-Level DTG Printers

Industrial DTG Printers

DTG Pro is a reliable manufacturer of high-quality garment printing products and they will give you the best product that will fulfil all your needs and requirements. So do not hesitate to contact DTG Pro now and start your amazing printing journey. 


  1. We purchased this machine and it only lasted about a month a dtg pro made it our fault that it broke even though we did everything that was ask correctly! What a waste of $5000 dollars!! They should be shut down for taking advantage of people


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