All that you want to know about Heat Press

The Digital Knight Heat Press is an air-operated automatic tabletop swing-away heat transfer press. It offers a production-oriented heat press with the advantages of push-button operation, completely digital temperature and time control, and solid casting design with a reasonable automatic heat press price. It uses the same Digital Knight control system and operates with a smooth swing-away fashion rather than shuttling. In demanding press runs and super reliable consequences, it is an ideal press for meeting requirements that go beyond what a manual transfer press and operator can deal with. It is the industrial grade midrange solution between heavy duty manual heat presses and high production Factory Shuttle Press machines.

A heat press is utilized to permanently relate a heat transfer to a surface. Common transfer types are Printable Heat Transfer Vinyl, Heat Transfer Vinyl cut with a Vinyl Cutter, Laser Transfer Paper, Inkjet Transfer Paper, Sublimation, and Plastisol Transfers.

The heat transfer procedure has become more and more popular amongst screen printers and manufacturers of t-shirts. Heat transfer designs are perfect for orders and on-site printing. Customers can select the size and colour shirt they want and you can print it on demand. This enables you to sell t-shirts at a high profit margin while eliminating overstock of printed shirts. Rather than storing hundreds of t-shirts in your garage and waiting for someone to buy them, you can just print t-shirts as the orders come in with a heat transfer t-shirt printing machine.

Following are some of the benefits of using heat transfer machines:

One of the biggest benefits of using a heat transfer t-shirt printing machine is the fact that it is less untidy than a screen printing machine, which necessitates the use of solvents and dyes. Your products would not get damaged by ink spills if you use a heat transfer machine as you can put your heat transfer machine in a small studio and bring your transferrable images over from elsewhere.

Even those with no prior experience can learn how to use a heat press machine quickly. In addition, heat press machines take up little room in your shop and permit you to print on different parts of clothing, so you can produce wraparound prints, for instance.

Screen printing is money-making for huge runs of hundreds of the same items. For small runs, like six pieces, the cost of t-shirts made with heat press technology is lower. Buying a heat press machine is also comparatively reasonably priced. Based on the volume of orders received, a business can quickly recoup its investment and begin turning a profit.