All that you want to know about toner transfer and sublimation printing

Sublimation printing and toner transfer printing are renowned technologies in small format personalisation of gift items such as mugs, t-shirts, phone covers, signs, bottles, and other blanks. For years these techniques have been challenging for printing businesses to match skill.

Both technologies have certain distinctive advantages, so the decision was up to the client. Toner transfer with white toner needs the investment into a specialized laser printer but enabled the print shop to transfer designs to light and dark textiles of all kinds and hard surfaces such as mugs. The cost per print was primarily determined by using one-step or two-step transfer media.

In contrast, sublimation printing with sublimation allows small format inkjet printers to lower investment but has higher production costs due to costly sublimation inks. The technology only performs on polyester-based blanks, which are extensively available. Sublimation printing defers the most excellent image quality as the colour range of an inkjet printer is much broader than that of a laser printer. Moreover, the washability of sublimation printed items is better than transferred products.

With toner transfer and sublime toner customers now can get the best of both worlds in a machine. Toner transfer onto dark substrates can set sublimation enabled CMYK Sublime Toner Cartridges. All these cartridges can be interchanged easily. Customers can convert their present laser printer into a white toner or sublimation printer or they can buy a Printer + Toner Bundle.

Transfers are the best they have ever been due to the new white toner transfer papers that are present now. Your prints can be more adaptable, and the materials you can work with more varied.  All while you can get your work done faster than ever.

Whatever may have been holding you back from working with transfers has possibly changed.  Your business can benefit from this revolutionary change easily e to the heat transfer world with the new white toner transfer paper and the white toner printers

White toner printers revolutionised the custom promotional item and t-shirt world. Just years ago, these printers did not exist, and today people are seeing them capture the attention of huge production shops, small business owners, and big worldwide brands.

A sublimation printer is great for printing modern designs in marketing and other imaginative industries on different surfaces. Earlier, most printing presses accommodated paper, cardboard, and other materials. Today, you could ask them to print on bags, mugs, and t-shirts.  


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