Advantages of using a color laser printer

There is no doubt about the fact that a printer happens to be an essential accessory for any computer at present. However, you have to make the decision of purchasing an inkjet printer or a laser printer if you are planning to perform colour printing at your own residence or your workplace. Although inkjet printers are appropriate for printing colour photographs, laser printers come with their own benefits which we have mentioned in the following paragraphs.

1. Speed

Laser printers will enable you to print at a quick pace thanks to the implementation of sophisticated laser technology. On most occasions, the job will be done within a matter of a few seconds. In this way, top-quality laser printers such as the iColor printers will be able to save the precious time that you can devote to doing something more valuable.

2. There is no possibility for the ink to smear

Any printed document with smudged ink will not appear professional at all. Colour laser printers use the laser toner which sticks to the paper and becomes fused to it with the help of heat. As compared to a traditional inkjet printer, laser printers will not have any wet ink that will be able to become smeared if the paper becomes wet due to any unwanted reasons. Consequently, it will always be possible to read the letters and images that have been printed on paper.

3. Appropriate for large printing requirements

Laser printers, for example, iColor printers will be able to satisfy large printing requirements, and therefore, they are considered to be appropriate for office use at present. It will be possible for anybody to print bulk volume, and for this, there is no need of experiencing any jams or other problems.

4. Overall cost

It is a fact that the overall cost of using a colour laser printer is relatively more affordable in the long run. Although you might be required to shell out some additional cash for purchasing a laser printer initially, it will be compensated somehow by the low running cost. The cost of printing one single page is much less compared to that of an inkjet printer. Although there might be some variation in the exact number of pages that can be produced by the laser printer, you will get more than 1500 pages from a single laser cartridge as compared to approximately 200 pages from one single inkjet cartridge. Here, we like to mention that the price of one laser cartridge is higher than that of one inkjet cartridge.

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