All that you want to know about IQ Heat Press

Featuring the most advanced technology in the heat printing world, the Fusion IQ operates as either a swinger or draw press, offering you a heat-free workspace irrespective of the size of your workspace. Unlimited preset programs and digital time, pressure readouts, and temperature can be controlled with the Fusion IQ's touchscreen.

The decorating business is about customization, which is where the Fusion IQ Heat Press comes into play. You can switch between the draw and swing motions based on user preference, workspace, or garment. The touchscreen technology allows you to program an unlimited number of presets. Add the compatibility of optional Quick Change Platens, and you will be decorating more than ever.

Your business can work smarter with the Fusion IQ Heat Press. This digital heat transfer mechanism has stored application teachings, an ultra-responsive interface, and self-analytical abilities, allowing you to grow and perk up your custom apparel business. The high-resolution touchscreen controller will enable you to modify or save any desired settings easily. 

While heat presses can apply designs to fabrics, particularly designed presses can also be used to imprint designs on plates, mugs, jigsaw puzzles, caps, and other products. The heat transfer papers are distinctively formulated to work with their individual printer types. Inkjet heat transfer paper is effortless because it comes in light or dark paper. Conversely, laser transfer paper is further classified into single or full-colour and white toner papers.

Fusion IQ Heat Press designs, manufacturers and engineers the world’s most innovative and technologically advanced heat press machines with a goal in mind – to exceed customer expectations at a competitive cost. The heat press allows a single operator to decorate garments nearly 50% faster when compared to any swinger-style heat press.

The Fusion heat press separates A and B workstations and offers an efficient and dynamic range of workflows. It enables you to individually programme your workstations with temperature, unique time, and pressure Settings for different heat transfer applications.

The heat press is the no-nonsense solution for decorators serious about Direct-to-Garment printing. Its technology turns the multi-step task of garment decoration into a single streamlined process. Programme your A station for pre-treatment and your B station for post-cure, and you will see how the speed and quality of your prints improve.

Combine this versatility with our wide selection of Quick Change Platen and option laser alignment systems. It is easy to see why the heat press is the ultimate solution for anyone serious about taking technology, performance – and profit – to a new level.