How can the heat press be of great help?

The Hotronix Heat Press is the most technologically advanced in the garment industry and is built for commercial usage and high volume. It functions as a draw heat press or swing-away heat press, offering a heat-free workspace for the operator.

This heat press is a great value product and offers all the features you anticipate from a well-built transfer press. It is a high-pressure, draw and swing-away heat press machine. This makes it perfect for transfer pressing digital, plastisol-based, and lithographic heat press transfers, Heat Transfer Vinyl, transfer papers, Printable Heat Transfer Vinyl, and sublimation transfers.

The swing or draw opening offers 100% access to every area of the lower platen, allowing for simple, precise placement and position right where you want it.

With it is innovative touch-screen display, you can fast and easily change the time and temperature, including infinite preset programmes for commonly used custom heat transfer processes and heat transfer vinyl, and monitor your productivity with the production cycle counter.

The additional benefit of the full threadability on the lower platen, plus the elective, easy-to-install, fast-release interchangeable lower platens, enables the operator to increase productivity and print quality. This great feature allows you to fast and easily position the garment around the lower platen to get even pressure on the application, increase the speed at which you print, and improve the quality of the connection between the design and the fabric.

Hard-wearing - People often wear jerseys and uniforms, which means wear and tear are common. The good thing about heat press prints is that they last long, even after several washes.

Money-saving - Adding numbers, logos, or names to clothes is fast and easy. Even two or three-colour design can be quickly finished. You only need to cut the design. No more untidy inks and chemicals for the work.

Personalised Design - Those who want customised designs on t-shirts, swimsuits, bags, jackets, umbrellas, cosies, and so on. You don’t even have to make changes as you get what you see. No matter what colour, pattern, or texture, the identical design can be cut easily in any range of colours and textures.

Speed Production – While not suggested for production jobs, once you have the basic skills, the production pace will be quick and money-making. The heat transfer printing technique enables you to make custom apparel in the same day. You can create custom products without wastage.

Thus, Hotronix Heat Press Hotronix Heat Press is a beneficial product.