Why do people like to use a UV printing

UV ink printing uses UV lights to cure or dry ink. As the printer dispenses ink on the material surface, specially designed UV lights follow closely behind, drying - or curing - the ink immediately. Ultraviolet light applications fast expanded into commercial and industrial markets. As the UV lights fix any printed ink right away, the spots of wet ink do not get a chance to smear out once printed, leading to a much better-quality detail. 

Moreover, UV-cured inks are weather-resistant and provide more opposition to vanishing. This curing procedure is more eco-friendly as it generates few VOCs, odour, and heat. UV curing enables the printer to be used with nontraditional materials, such as aluminium or acrylic. 

When is UV Ink Printing chosen?

  • When it is a rush job

As there is no evaporation procedure to wait around for, UV inks do not carry the downtimes that other inks do when they dry. This can save time and obtain your pieces into the market faster.

  • When the environmental impact is a concern

As evaporation is minimized, compared to other inks, there are lesser emissions of organic compounds into the setting. UV printing uses a photomechanical procedure to cure the ink versus drying through evaporation.

  • When you want to avoid abrasion or smudging

The fact that UV printing dries right away guarantees that irrespective of how fast you need the piece in hand, the work will not be marked, and a UV coating can be used to stop abrasions.

  • When a particular look is desired

UV Printing is perfect for projects that require one of two looks:

A satin look on coated stock or

A sharp, crisp look on uncoated stock

Certainly, that does not mean other looks cannot be accomplished. Consult with your printing representative to see if UV is correct for your project.

  • When printing on non-porous or plastic substrates

UV inks can dry on the surface of materials directly. As it is not essential for the ink solvent to soak up into the stock, ultraviolet makes it possible to print on clothes that would not work with conventional inks.

Thus, UV printings provide a variety of advantages that more fundamental printing options cannot distribute. Eco-friendly, more competent, and delivering top-quality product that will make your business materials appear great, ultraviolet printing is a perfect choice for the contemporary company.