Hotronix Heat press

The process of heat press involves imprinting her design autographic on a substrate suggests the shirt with the application of heat and pressure for a particular amount of time. It is a very cheap method which produces high quality print on desired surface. A company which is low on budget other start-up which needs immediate printing requirements on a heavy duty basis prefers heatpress 2 print stuff’s Stop a heat press can be used to permanently etch on a surface by applying heat. 

Most common transfer methods include heat transfer vinile, printable heat transfer vinyl, inkjet transfer paper, plastisol transfers etc. Dtg pro the leader in the market producing varied range of product brings to you range of hotronix heat press printers for multipurpose usage. The company produces several kinds of heatpress printers for different kinds of usage and according to the preference of the customer. The company makes sure to produce viable options for all kinds of customers. 

That is why they bring to you on the table the most affordable range of heatpress which starts from 2449.99 USD. The brand new state-of-the-art hotronix fusion IQ heatpress with dimensions 16 inches cross 20 inches is the leader in the market. we often get sceptical while users heating products has they consume a lot of energy but on contrary the heat press from dtg pro the hotronix fusion IQ heatpress merely uses 230 volts and is highly energy efficient.

The tagline of the product is walk smarter and not harder justify’s its nature. It is a very user friendly product victor very captivating user experience. It gives the operator the option of draw or spring press, the fusion IQ technology supports every aspect of the arena. This feature enables it to access every point of the product on which the design is being printed with precise placement and positioning on the plate in. The fusion IQ comes with a lot of features which lets the user access to built in application and gives the large unresponsive interface victor very user friendly software.

The software is auto upgradeable and self-heals itself after diagnosis. So business owners why wait when you can heat press! Go on and place your bet on hotronix fusion IQ heatpress from dtg pro.