Icolour 800 Printers

A design is truly personal to a customer and is kept as a memorabilia for long. A design of choice which can be replicated or printed on a choice of surface truly adds to the value of the design for the customer. Toner based white transfer and sublimation printers are the most capable printers in the industry to print heavy duty designs at affordable rates. Often we come across marketing campaigns which requires big tabloids and holdings to be printed at the fast pace efficiently with a vibrant design produced. Dtg pro brings to you Uninet Icolour Printers with a wide range of capabilities for your business.

These printers are highly efficient and are toner based colour plus white transfer sublimation printers. The high end printers which are heavy duty are the tabloid jumbo size Uninet Icolour 800 printers. These printers are capable of printing tabloids and heavy duty garment printing on hard surfaces. The price range offered by the company is 8994.99 USD which is very competitive price in the market. It comes with a monthly rental package of 313 USD with affirm. It is a truly digital printer with transfers digital quality pictures and designs with a user friendly software interface. It comes with first interactive toner based digital colour and why transfers printer technology with smart tablet and built-in speakers.

The users get a package of on demand support video tutorials and user manual to use the product efficiently. The Uninet Icolour 800 prints elegant quality designs with 1200 cross 1200 DPI resolution for a broad range of image. The images produced Are minute and mimics the design efficiently. The printers are built to carry on high volume digital transfer effortlessly on garments and any hard surfaces however intricate the design is. The printers have the capability of printing tabloids with smart cut software for oversized images greater than 12.6 inches x 9 inches. 

The Uninet Icolour 800 comes with 4 toner cartridges with multiple options to customize and deliver vibrant colours which are more than the nearby competitors. The software pro rip that comes with the printer comes with automated level printing for advanced colour management and customized print modes. It adapts to the need of the customer and produces the ideal colour changes image manipulation and rasterization required. Needless to say it can virtually print on any coloured textile like cotton polyester leather vinyl ceramic wood and metal. The Prince produced art of very low cost almost 30 to 50% less dandy market standards and can be printed on any kind of fabric.

The pace of printing is very high at 45 pages per minute and a duty cycle off up to 200,000 pages a month. The prints produced are of best durability with causing no damage to the delicate fibres and the prints remain intact even after 100 washes. The printing process is very easy using the soft wares involved and the experience is of great satisfaction. So if you are a business owner go on to buy the exclusive tabloid printing toner based color and white transfer sublimation printers from