DTG PRO - Brings To You The Workhorse!

With decades of combined experience, DTG PRO TM manufactures and supports specialist printing equipment for several reputable OEM manufacturers and distributors. Purchasing DTG PRO TM entails doing it directly from the manufacturer, avoiding markups that are sometimes needlessly added to the price of other brands owing to marketing, distribution, or beautiful packaging. Instead, DTG PRO TM emphasizes function and outcomes at value-driven pricing.

DTG Pro provides everything you require to develop and expand your business on the iColor 800.

Meet the new benchmark for medium- to high-volume digital garment and hard surface product manufacturing with the lowest total cost of ownership, the brightest color reproduction available. The gig! Workhorse in part. portion guru The first interactive toner-based digital color + white transfer printer with a Smart Tablet and built-in speaker, as well as on-demand help, movies, and documents. A real on-demand digital transfer production tool.

High-quality 1200 x 1200 dpi resolution offers a wide range of image quality to satisfy all needs. With strongly developed, cutting-edge technology, any medium to high-volume digital transfer production run of clothing, hard surfaces, marketing customized, merchandising materials, and more can be handled with ease.

Printing Options: For enormous images bigger than 12.6" x 19", you can use the IColor SmartCUT program only. Tabloid XL Jumbo printing is also an option.

The iColor 800 has four toner cartridges already fitted for printing in both full color and black & white. Forget about expensive 5-station printers; the IColor 800 CMYW configuration provides the most intense composite blacks possible, and enhanced white toner technology provides the brightest and whitest white on the market. Modern color management technology is combined with a color gamut that offers up to 50% more colors than competing printer models.

Any drab or light-colored material or substrate, including repurposed clothing, cotton, polyester, calfskin, vinyl, porcelain, wood, or metal, may readily be printed and pressed with full-tone and white artwork. Printing costs are reduced by 30% to 50% by the company's most cost-effective creative printer, which also offers the lowest ownership cost.

Utilizing the IColor 800, make white overprint and white spot prints all the while. DTG Pro provides everything you need to grow and diversify your business on the iColor 800. Using iColor 800 innovation, you might print and press materials including cotton, polyester, 50/50, and that's only the tip of the iceberg! The determination of substrates to compress onto is essentially boundless because this move innovation utilizes toner.

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