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With decades of combined experience, DTG PRO TM manufactures and supports specialist printing equipment for several reputable OEM manufacturers and distributors. Purchasing DTG PRO TM entails doing it directly from the manufacturer, avoiding markups that are sometimes needlessly added to the price of other brands owing to marketing, distribution, or beautiful packaging. Instead, DTG PRO TM emphasizes function and outcomes at value-driven pricing.

DTG Pro provides everything you require to develop and expand your business on the UV Ink Hard inks, edible inks, and flexible inks from UV Ink, UV Printer Ink from DTG PRO are exceptionally long-lasting and adhere to a range of surfaces.

A print's quality is determined by the inks used. In order to get high-quality photos without compromising other factors, it is imperative to use inks that can handle this. UV inks make a fantastic choice for this. UV inks result in far faster drying periods than traditional inks, which need oxidation or exposure to air, making them perfect for printing companies.

Projects are completed faster and nearly immediately after printing since UV inks virtually instantaneously cure when exposed to UV light. Compared to utilizing conventional ink, this can enable firms to print more often. Another benefit of utilizing UV inks for prints is that they emit less fumes or VOCs during the drying process, making them more suitable for workplaces since they represent less of a health risk to employees.

One of the most important considerations for prints is whether UV inks will produce high-quality images that are more vivid and sharp than photographs created with solvent-based inks. Additionally, UV inks don't include any components that evaporate, keeping all of the ink deposits in situ and preserving the colors' vividness and strikingness. On uncoated papers, photos and even text remain vivid and crisp because the inks are not absorbed by the paper. UV inks can print on a variety of materials, including thermoplastics like PET and polyurethane, unlike traditional inks. Most traditional inks find this difficult since they need to be absorbed into the surfaces to be printed.

At DTG Pro, we have a large assortment of UV-based inks that can create pictures of the highest quality whose brightness and clarity do not deteriorate with time or exposure. Benefit from quicker curing times without sacrificing quality or durability. Choose your own phrases and words from our selection.

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