Digital Knight Heat Press is a key point of printing

Digital knight heat press DK is a 16x20 swing-away heat press transfer machine. This 16x20 is the most popular machine within the industrial house. The DK20S is a heavy-duty industrial-grade solid steel that is very accurate in its works and very easy to use. The press provides the modern technology which now a day is needed in this time. You will have an excellent result after using this machine. The digital knight heat press machine is very friendly and loaded with features. The work is very much prominent and you will love the results. The digital knight heat press has other variants like DK20S, DK25S, DC16, DC16AP, DK16, and DK20SP. The DK20SP is air operated automatic version. Whereas the DK20S is a jumbo-size heat pressing machine, its dimension is 20x25. With this heat press machine, you can see many features, which are mentioned below:

● Fully digital temperature control range

● A table-loading design

● 70 programmable projects

● SuperCoil micro winding machine

● Instantly interchangeable & routable tables

● User-selectable end-of-cycle alarms

● Records the number of pressing cycles done

● Solid steel welded framework

● Teflon coated ¾ thick heat platen

● Digital pressure bar graph

Side by side of features the digital knight heat press machine has some of the specs mentioned below

● Electrical: 1800W/15A/120V

● Weight: 200 Lbs /90.7 kg

● Shipping Dims: 40”D x 18”w x 16H

● Air compressor required: 7gal, 1cfm, 100psi,¼” line

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