All about the Digital Knight Heat Press

The Digital Knight Heat press is an automatic air-operated swing-away tabletop heat transfer press. The heat press provides the user with a variety of benefits such as push-button operation, fully digital temperature, solid casting design, and time control at an affordable automatic heat price. The heat press is available in 16; × 20; heater block size. It uses a digital knight control system similar to the DK20 series. This control system helps in operating in a swing-away smooth fashion rather than shuttling.

The Digital Knight Heat Press is perfect for meeting needs beyond what the operator and manual transfer press can handle. The press run is quite demanding and provides highly consistent results. The Digital Knight Heat Press operates as the industrial-grade midrange solution among manual heat heavy-duty processes like DK20 and DK20S.

The digital knight heat press is designed by combining solid steel, heavy-duty industrial grand pressing framework with accurate and easy use of electronics. As a result, the operator is provided with the best possible features and equipment needed for the different heat transfer applications. Through using these welded solid steel heavy-duty frameworks, and iconic control systems, the heat presses provide a lifetime warranty for the heat plating and a 3-year warranty for the heat- control electronics. Supercoil-micro winding heater technology is used in the heat platens of the Dark Knight heat press.

The Digital Knight Heat Press has several features that allow it to stand out from the other similar products in the market. The press has a table loading all-thread design. Users can control the temperature of the press between 32 – 600 degrees Fahrenheit. Next, it also has a dual press timer and an automatic digital timer. In addition, it also consists of 70 programmable presets and a total applied force of 3000 IBS Max. Digital Knight Heat Press comprises of gauge and air regulator within the range of 20-100 PSI and has different interchangeable tables. It comprises a solid steel welded framework along with a micro winding supercoil heater technology. Up to 2; thick material can be accommodated in the press. It consists of selectable user alarms and records several pressing cycles that are done. Lastly, the press has a Teflon-coated heat platen that has a thickness of 3/4;. The controller has an oversized easy-to-read digit LCD that shows both time and temperature simultaneously. Lastly, it also has a digital pressure gauge feature for displaying the current setting of heights. This gauge controls the pressure and temperature simultaneously.

The Digital Knight Heat Press comes with variable warranties on the technologies and different parts incorporated in it. Firstly, you can get lifetime tech support after purchasing the Heat press. The heat platen inside the press has a lifetime warranty. You can get a warranty of three years on the controller whereas there is a five-year warranty on the overall frame. Lastly, there is a one-year warranty on each of the parts of the Digital Knight heat press from the date of purchase.