Grab Flexi for better flexibility

The all-new Flexi Sai RIP is the one-stop solution for all the cut, print, and design software requirements for a sign as well as print providers. Currently, it can be seen that every 3 shops out of 4 are using this software. The Flexi Sai can be categorized as the industry standard for design tools specific to sign, cut–and–print software, RIP software as well as direct vinyl cutting.

The popular Flexi Sai RIP provides users with print and sign-making software that is very helpful for managing print-to-cut workflow, and design. On the other hand, Flexi design consists of all the design features. Hence, it is perfect for utilization in the design stations. The full versions of both software packages are now available on the cloud and one can easily download and obtain each of the two versions by subscribing monthly. Subscribing every month allows subscribers to enjoy new benefits. At the same time, it ensures that the subscribers can enjoy the advantage of the most recent updates. Apart from this, subscribers can further enjoy the advantages of cloud window connecting the cloud with the locally set up software. This facilitates image sourcing, web-based services, and file storage. The services can also be availed on the SAI Cloud mobile app. The app allows subscribers to view Job reports while on the move. The app is compatible with both Android devices and iPhones.

Currently, the Flexi Sai RIP software is being used throughout the world as the software provides production and design tools to meet customer demands quickly and easily. The software is well- equipped to drive around 5 printers at the same time. Further, it provides a complete RIP client-server solution package with numerous, job tilling, color profiling, nesting, and queues. Users can easily send files to Flexi Production Manager, remote Photo Print, or some other RIP software.

In addition, Flexi consists of design tools that are customized for sign-making and fast printing. These are used for implementing a fast-to-learn interface that aligns with RIPs and high-production prints, contour cutting, and vinyl cutting tools. Presently Flexi provides the most simple print-and-cut workflow within the market with thousands of supported cutters, hybrids, and printers.

All software packages including Flexi Sai Rip are available in over a dozen languages from Sai resellers throughout the world. These packages involve a variety of features, add-ons, tools, and full support. The subscriptions on these packages are available on a monthly or yearly basis. However, yearly subscribers an additional rebated rate. After the setup is completed the software packages are operational as long as the subscriptions are preserved.

Through the Flexi subscription users can get several benefits. These include free technical support on phones and ongoing updates. Next, if the users subscribe every month then the operating expenses become quite minimal. Lastly, through Flexi Subscription the users can get all Sai flexi add-ons, features, and tools.