Icolour 800 for your printing needs

In printing, it is seen that the perfect design is very important for the customer and is kept as memorabilia for a long period. A design that can be printed or replicated on another surface adds to the value of the design. Currently, it can be seen that toner-based sublimation and white transfer printers are the most capable printers within the industry. They are quite affordable and can print heavy-duty designs. Often it is seen that we come across marketing campaigns that need big holdings and tabloids to be printed at a comparatively fast pace and in an efficient manner. In this regard, the Dtg pro has brought forth the new Uninet Icolour printers that have a wide range of applications in different types of businesses.

The Uninet Icolour printers are efficient color plus white transfer toner-based sublimation printers. Among these the tabloid jumbo size Icolour 800 is most suited for heavy-duty printing. They are well equipped for heavy-duty tabloid printing and garment printing on comparatively hard services. The Uninet Icolour 800 is available in the market at a competitive price of 8994.99 USD. In addition, the users need to buy a monthly rental package of 313 USD to keep operating the printers properly. The Uninet Icolour printers are modern-day digital printers that transfer designs and digital quality prints with an easy software interface. The printers come with built-in speakers, smart tablets, and interactive toner-based digital color.

Users get four toner cartridges when they buy the Uninet Icolour 800. The four-toner cartridges help in delivering prints with vibrant colors which are better than those of the nearby competitors. The printers also have software pro rip that allows them to come up with automated printing levels for customized print modes and advanced color management. As a result, the printers can adapt to the requirement of the customers and produce advanced rasterization, color changes, and image manipulation as required. The Icolour 800 can print on any form of textiles such as metal, ceramic, polyester, leather, wood, and vinyl.

The Icolour 800 is very easy to use. However, you can also purchase an on-demand package for support tutorials to operate the machine efficiently. It prints elegant designs with 1200 × 1200 DPI resolution for a wide range of the image. The produced images mimic the original images efficiently. The produced images mimic the original designs quite efficiently Icolour 800 is built in a manner so that it can carry out heavy-duty digital transfers quite efficiently on hard surfaces, especially garments. The printers have smart cut software and are capable of printing tabloids for different oversized images. The printers have a very high pace of printing and can print around 45 pages every minute. The prints produced are of high quality and durability that remain intact even after 100 washes. The whole process of printing is very easy and the users are greatly satisfied with the whole experience.