White Toner printers and their advantages

The white toner printers were introduced a few years back and since then the printers have taken business customization to a whole new level. These are mostly utilized as t-shirt transfer printers. Currently, printers have gained huge popularity for making promotional products such as awards, posters, ornaments, can coolers, etc. The white toner printers have also been pitched as a viable alternative to screen printing, garment printers, as well as sublimation. In the customization business, these printers work as multi-tools as they can customize light T-shirts, dark T-shirts, blends, polyester, and cotton. The printers can also customize various hard goods such as metal, ceramic, glass, and wood.

The white toner printer has high importance. Previously the users always faced a problem during transfer printing as the printers were not able to print beautifully on hard goods or dark t-shirts. When CMYK is applied to a dark shirt, the color instantly becomes dull. This is similar to applying new paint on a wall that has previously been painted black, brown, or red. For instance, if yellow paint is applied over a black wall then the resulting color will not be vibrant yellow but dull orange. This can be avoided if the wall is primed first. White toner printers mostly function as a primer for transfers of the t-shirt. Hence, sublimation transfers are used only on 100% synthetic light-colored material.

The white toner printers have several prominent features. Firstly, they are very easy to own, and very less maintenance is needed for them. Secondly, the printers have high versatility, which means that they can be used for making stickers, promotional products, custom appeal, etc. Lastly, the white toner printer is very easy to operate. While using the white toner printer the first thing that comes to mind is whether the printer uses white toner or trades white toner for black. Many of the white toner printers originally started their life in the form of regular CMYK printers. In CMYK, C stands for cyan, M for magenta, Y for yellow, and K for Black. This definite combination gives the widest range of colors. Hence, people see it while being printed in full color. Currently, a majority of white toner printers have substituted white color toner for black color toner. Hence, nowadays instead of CMYK printers, we get CMYW printers. In CMYW, W is short for white. The CMYW toner does not involve black toner. A mixture of the other three colors produces a composite black color. This composite black color is great, if one knows how to use it. This composite black color is appropriate for several designs, specifically t- shirt applications. Four main players are there in white toner printing are differentiated by branding, modification, and manufacturing. Firstly, there is OKI which is a large and stable company pioneering in white toner transfer as well as the white toner printing business. Next, UniNET is mirroring the OKI printer sizes. Apart, from these, there are two other major players namely the Digital Heart FX and Ghost.

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