Best Print head cleaning solutions for DTG printers

If you are looking for printhead cleaning solutions for your DTG printer then your search ends here. Apart from selling a wide range of printers, the DTG pro platform also sells a variety of printhead cleaning solutions according to the needs of the printer.

Printhead cleaning solutions are used to clean clogged printheads in the printers. Print heads get clogged as a result of the drying of ink due to a long period of not using the printer. Lack of use can cause erroneous or patchy printing if the print heads are not cleaned before use. Usually, Print heads can be fixed by using the in-built self-cleaning software of the printer. However, if this doesn't work then you have to manually clean the print heads using printhead cleaning solutions. The DTG Pro platform provides a variety of print head cleaning solutions which have been discussed in the following. 

1. DTFPRO Printhead Cleaning Solution: This cleaning solution can be used for cleaning both DTF and DTG printheads. It is used to flush the print head, with a tubing and syringe manually. However, for Cartridge based printers, the cleaning solution can be filled in those cartridges and 3 cleaning cycles can be carried out with those cartridges. For ink system-based printers, the cleaning solution should be used manually to clean the print heads. 

2. DTFPRO XTREME Printhead Cleaning Solution: This Xtreme cleaning solution is used to flush the Continuous Ink Tubing or to unclog comparatively stubborn clogs within the printheads. In the case of print head cleaning, the DTFPRO XTREME is a last resort option. You should first try regular cleaning solutions. If that doesn't work, then only you should use the XTREME solution as it is made up of a much stronger formula. 

3. DTGPRO LAST CHANCE Printhead Cleaning Solution: This Printhead cleaning solution is the absolute last resort and should be used when all else fails. There is no guarantee that you can undo an uncloggable clog. But if you have tried all else and feel like you might need to replace the print head, then you can give this printhead solution a chance. 

4. PRINTHEAD CLEANING SOLUTION CONCENTRATE: This is 950 ml of concentrate that should be mixed with distilled water in a 1: 8 ratio to yield a total of 2 Gallons of cleaning solution. After preparing this mixture, it can be used to flush the print heads.