Reasons Why DTF Custom Prints Are a Great Addition to Your Business

UVDTF printer has several advantages over the traditional DTG technology. It isn’t that DTG has any issues but the latest direct-to-film printing technique is more advantageous. In DTF, you work with a transfer film and a hot melt powder. Also, you need software to run the machine and get the finest print. 

Here’re the advantages of DTF printing

1. Wider application

DTG gives the best results on cotton. It works well on other fabrics as well but it is more suitable for cotton. On the contrary, DTF works on everything including fabrics, leather, glass, wood, and metal. You can easily print a wide variety of merchandise, footwear, and even handbags. Also, it is easier to work with DTF.

2. Freedom from pre-treatment

The biggest advantage of DTF is it doesn’t require any pre-treatment job. You can directly transfer the print to any surface using direct-to-film technology. It saves time and makes the process a hassle-free affair. With DTF, you can get more prints per hour and complete a project in the shortest time possible. 

3. Durable prints

DTF technology is more popular because not only it gives excellent results but the results last longer as well. Also, DTF prints wash well and remain flexible. In other words, they don’t crack or peel even after washing. They remain firm for a long time. For this reason, DTF technology is more suitable for heavy-use items. 

4. Easy and quick application

The biggest advantage of DTF technology is the ease of printing. You can easily print a design on any surface that can be heated. You can even sell your designs directly to customers. They can print those designs on their garments and fashion accessories. In this way, you can take your garment designing business a step ahead.

5. Save more money on white ink

DTF printing needs less white ink which can save you more money in the long run. White ink is an expensive product and using lesser white would mean more savings. But the same thing can’t be said for DTG which uses more white in printing.


DTF custom prints are the future of merchandise printing and this is evident from the process and quality of prints achieved with direct-to-transfer. Also, there are many reasons for switching to DTF. It can save you time by providing prints faster than others and make your business more popular by giving long-lasting results. 


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