Genuine Review of Ricoh RI4000 DTG Printer

Ricoh RI 4000 is the best direct-to-garment printer available on the market and this is evident from its features and functions. It is so versatile that it can print on virtually any fabric. Also, the speed and ease of printing garments make this machine more profitable for printers.

It is a game changer

What ails traditional printing is one of the biggest advantages of RI 4000 machine. It comes with a built-in enhancer that removes the need for manual pretreatment. The machine is capable of completing the pretreatment process on its own. Earlier printers had to work hard on pretreatment.

Top-of-the-line printing technology

RI 4000 is the fastest printer available on the market. Also, it is way ahead of both its predecessors and counterparts. No other printer on the market can compete with the color quality, accuracy, and clarity of RI 4000. It is the right machine for higher print output, lower cost of operation, and durable high-end prints.

With newly developed Ricoh RI4000 ink, you can easily print on 100% polyester without compromising on speed or accuracy. The color quality achieved with this ink is amazing and unparalleled in the industry. You can produce any design including multicolor designs using this top-of-the-line printing machine. Another advantage of this ink is it costs nothing in terms of money.

It improves performance

The biggest advantage of using an RI 4000 printer is it will boost your performance manifold. It will enable you to complete your printing projects in a much shorter time and at a more affordable price. Also, it will enhance your confidence in getting more projects. It will become the USP of your business.

Low maintenance

Another advantage of RI 4000 is its low cost of maintenance. It won’t cost you much in terms of service or change of parts. In fact, it won’t need frequent service or change of parts. If you use it according to the use manual, you won’t find any difficulty in using the machine. It will keep printing garments for your business.  

Comparatively better

RI 4000 printing machine is comparatively better than the others. Whether it is overall cost or service charges, the machine scores high on all factors. You can take it as an investment that can give a huge return.

Spare parts

There is little need to worry about the availability of spare parts like Ricoh cartridges as all spares are easily available on all Ricoh dealerships at an affordable price. You won’t have any difficulty running your machine in a hassle-free manner.