Why Makes DTF Shirt Transfers More Durable?

DTF shirt transfers are highly durable and versatile across various fabric types. DTF maintains the vibrancy of design over time and could even outlast the garment the design is printed on. Durability is a factor in the popularity of the DTF printing method overall methods, especially screen printing.

DTF is clients' first choice because these prints can easily withstand numerous washes and dry cycles without showing any sign of exhaustion, like loss of color or detailing. But much depends on the factors like the style of design and type of fabric, as some fabrics hold colors better than others. 

Factors affecting the quality of DTF prints

1. Fabric Type

Fabrics come in different types, like cotton, polyester, and blends. But the important thing to note is that each fabric interacts differently with transfers. For example, cotton soaks colors well, but the cracks that appear on cotton could damage the design in the long run.

2. Design

In printing, colors matter most. For vibrant colors, you should use UVDTF ink, which protects colours from foreign elements responsible for fading colors. Color quality plays a crucial role in keeping the design safe during exposure to sunlight that can fade the colors. Also, the design style, like a basic-shaped design, will be more durable than a design made of small parts like circles and lines.

Tips for maximizing the durability of your transfers

1. Always choose quality DTF printers like Inspire Series, Fusion Series, RICOH RI1000, DTF PRO MIDI A2, and DTFPRO V2 PANTHERA. These printers give high-quality prints.

2. Select the appropriate fabric with the best results, like 100% cotton or a high-cotton blend. Remember that results could vary from one type of fabric to another.

3. Use a professional-grade heat press like DBLDBL V6, EnduraPRESS SD20, Geo Knight, Hotronix Fusion IQ, and Insta 718. You can buy any of these heat presses for your printing job.

4. Follow the DEF printing instructions closely to ensure quality prints that last longer. Remember that missing a step could lead to the design's fading, cracking, or peeling.

DTF shirt transfers have many advantages over others, and for this reason, they are a hot favourite of both printers and customers:

1. You will get high-quality prints that last long.

2. It is easier to work with a DTF printer.

3. DTF printing costs less.

4. It works well on almost all fabric types.