5 Salient Features of the Best DTF Printer

Direct-to-film (DTF) printing has revolutionized the apparel industry. It has started the trend of printing tees and tops with brands, logos, names, and other amazing designs. The process starts with printing designs on a specific paper called PET. Also, the best DTF printer is used for the print job.

Let’s discuss salient features of a direct-to-film printer

1. DTF Films

A specific type of film called PET is used for printing DTF designs. PET films are different from others in thickness. They have a thickness of 0.75mm which makes them more suitable for transferring designs on to fabrics. Available in both big rolls and cut sheets, they can be used for printing designs of any shape and size. Depending on their temperature setting, PET films can be classified into cool-peel or hot-peel-type films.

2. DTF Inks

Inks used in DTF printing are unique pigments. The primary DTF inks are cyan, yellow, magenta, white, and black. First, white ink is used to make a base and second, the color pigments are used to create the design. Here color management is the key to success. Also, better management of color plays a crucial role in the quality and durability of design.

3. DTF Software

Software is an integral part of the DTF printing process. It improves the overall color performance and print characteristics of the final design. Also, it is essential to use software because it helps govern the color profiling, ink levels, drop sizes, and other characteristics of DTF inks. The best DTF printer needs a specific type of software application called RIP software. This application is developed to manage white and CMYK colors.

4. Hot-Melt Adhesive Powder

It is an adhesive used to bind the color pigments to the surface the design is printed on. It is a white granular powder that is sprayed evenly all over the surface. The important thing to note is the powder plays a critical role in the optimum performance of inks. Also, it enhances the durability of the design. The color pigments bind perfectly with the fabric and become long-lasting. DTF prints can last up to the lifetime of a garment. 

5. Automatic Powder Shake

It is an advanced feature found in latest machines such as Epson DTF printerEpson DTF printer. First, the printer applies the white powder and second, the shaker removes the excess powder granules. It is a necessary feature because it helps improve the overall design quality.