How Is An Infrared Dryer Different From Others?

DTF transfers require curing for the designs to set decently on the fabrics. It is for this reason that the transfers are passed through a specific heating machine where the DTF designs are cured. The curing process improves the overall quality and durability of the transfer. An infrared dryer is the right machine for curing DTF transfers. 

Let’s discuss the features of a curing machine

1. Conveyor Belt

A curing machine is recognized with its conveyor belt used to pass the DTF transfers through the heating chamber. The belt keeps rolling in and out of the heated part and the transfer moves with the belt. Depending on the belt speed, a transfer takes a certain time in the heated chamber. The belt speed can be controlled to get optimum results.  

2. Catch Bin 

Every curing machine has a catch bin at the end of the conveyor. The job of this feature is to allow the belt to pick up DTF transfers for curing. It allows a hands-free operation. For example, multiple transfers can be placed in the bin, and the belt picks up the transfers for curing in succession. This feature is quite useful for commercial production of DTF transfers.

3. Heated Chamber

Every conveyor dryer features a height-adjustable heating element used to produce the heat needed to cure the transfers. The heat focuses on the conveyor belt that carries DTF transfers. Each transfer gets heated and cured perfectly. The height-adjustable feature allows adjusting the focus by increasing or decreasing the height of the heating element.

4. Tabletop Design

A curing machine features a tabletop design that allows convenient operation. A machine can be placed on a sturdy table and used. A portable design makes the machine-accessible and more convenient to use. The biggest advantage of a tabletop design is it is suitable for use at home and in the shop.

5. Digital Control

It is the biggest advantage of a tabletop DTF transfer curing machine. It provides digital control of the speed of the conveyor belt and the adjustable height. You can easily control the speed and adjust the height of the heating element with digital control. It will make it more convenient for you to operate a dryer.

An infrared dryer has many advantages over other technologies such as heat press, curing ovens, and flash cure units. It will make your job a lot easier. It has the features that you need to keep working in a hassle-free manner.