How Is UV Printing Changing The Digital Printing Method?

Traditional solvent-based ink is harmful to both the user and the environment. It releases volatile organic compounds (VOC) that are harmful to the environment. Also, the solvent-based inks produce heat and an accompanying odor. They have many drawbacks that make them unsuitable for printing. It is for this reason that the world is switching to UV printing.

Digital printing has evolved to become safer for the environment. The solvent-based ink is replaced with ultra-violet ink. It is a curing process. First, the ink is spread over the surface and second, the ink is dried under ultraviolet light. It is both quick and safe. Also, the results achieved with this method are amazing.

Here are the advantages of ultraviolet printing

1. Instant Curing

The ultraviolet printing process involves the use of mercury/quartz or LED lights to cure inks. As soon as a print comes out, it is passed from a light source that dries the ink. The process is quick and time-saving. The ink and the entire printed design are dried within a short time. It brings speed to the process.

2. Versatility

Another advantage of ultraviolet printing is its versatility. A UV printer print on any surface including glass, metal, acrylic, fabric, and even wood. If you have anything to print, you can print it with ultraviolet printing. There will be no flaw in the process and you will be surprised by the result

3. Enhanced print quality

Ultraviolet printing scores high on print quality. Also, it won’t be an exaggeration to say that it produces unmatched quality. First, you get vibrant colors with sharp details. Second, the ultraviolet drying process gives a scratch-resistant finish that remains new forever. This durability and high print quality make ultraviolet printing suitable for various industrial applications.

Uses of ultraviolet printing

1. Signage and displays

The bold ultraviolet printing looks impactful and for this reason, it is widely used in signage and displays. Also, the quick turnaround time makes it suitable for bulk orders and large-format prints.

2. Promotional items

Goods used for branding and promotion are printed with the ultraviolet printing method. This is so because the prints achieved with the ultraviolet method have more clarity and they are durable.

3. Industrial applications

UV printing is widely used in various industrial applications like printing electronic items, producing decorative laminates, and packaging and labeling. It is a reliable method of achieving durable results in digital printing.