Unlocking the Power of DTF Custom Prints

Direct-to-film printing involves the use of an inkjet printer and a heat press machine. It employs a thin film to carry out the transfer and an adhesive powder to allow the print to set decently on the garment. DTF custom prints not only look amazing but they can last up to the lifetime of the garments. 

Let’s discuss the salient features of DTF printing

1. It starts with printing the design onto a transfer film using an inkjet printer. Remember that special types of inks suitable for textiles are used in the printing of the design. A thermo-adhesive powder is coated over the garment to be printed before pressing the design onto it using a heat press.

2. The versatility of DTF printing makes it suitable for almost all types of fabrics including cotton and polyester. DTF printing can even press designs on traditionally challenging colors including green, yellow, red, and blue. Also, it can be used to print garments of all shapes and sizes from a small cap to an extra-large T-shirt.

3. DTF prints are popular because of their unique advantages. They have more detailing and exceptional clarity and vibrancy. But the most amazing feature of DTF design is it feels uniform throughout its length and breadth. You won’t feel the design thicker in the middle and thinner at the corners.

4. DTF printing involves the use of water-based inks that contain no toxic elements or require harsh treatment of the fabric. For this reason, it is considered safe for the environment. You can call it an environmentally friendly printing process. It is safe for both the environment and humans. It makes DTF printing the best choice.

5. The print quality achieved is quite high. The design feels smooth like plastic due to the use of an adhesive powder that makes inks stretchable. For example, the design won’t crack. Also, it won’t fade even after multiple washing. It is highly durable and hence can last up to the lifetime of the garment.

Direct-to-film printing has revolutionized textile printing. It provides amazing DTF custom prints that can work both for beautification and marketing. For example, you can print logos and brand names on T-shirts for free distribution by businesses. Similarly, the designs can improve the visual appeal of garments. Since DTF designs can last longer, you can rest assured that the printed garments will give maximum return on investment.