Vastex D1000 Conveyor Dryer Reviewed

The direct-to-film (DTF) printing is popular because of its lasting impressions. It has made it possible to print any design of any size on any fabric. For example, you can easily print a team logo on a polyester t-shirt, nickers, and caps. Similarly, you can print large front designs on cotton t-shirts. DTF gives lasting prints with the help of a Vastex conveyor dryer.

Let’s understand the role of a dryer in the DTF printing 

The direct-to-film (DTF) printing involves design transfer from a specific film called PET to fabric. First, the design is printed on a PET film and second, it is printed on a fabric. The advantage of DTF printing is it can print a design on any fabric. Also, it gives excellent results. But the biggest advantage of DTF design is its durability that it gets by curing the design.

How DTF transfers are cured?

Curing of DTF designs is necessary to improve the overall design quality and durability. For curing, you can choose a heat press machine that gives quick turnaround time and saves costs. Or you can use a curing oven or flash care units. But a conveyor dryer is the best option because it gives amazing results.

Vastex D1000 is the best conveyor dryer machine. It is called the best because it comes with the latest features. It is a tabletop machine that you can keep anywhere you are comfortable with. Also, it is easier to use. In other words, you don’t have to worry about learning the machine. It allows total control and gives excellent results. 

It features a large conveyor belt and a heating chamber that cures DTF design. The good thing is that this machine works hands-free. You only need to place the garment on the conveyor belt and let the machine do the job. The belt will take the garment to the heating chamber where the DTF design will be cured. Soon the cured DTF design will be out of the machine.

Vastex machine features a height-adjustable heating element and digital control for temperature and belt speed. These features make sure that you get perfect results. You can optimize the machine functions to get optimum results. 

You can even use a Vastex D1000 machine without any operator. It comes with a catch bin at the end of the conveyor belt that allows placing multiple garments on the belt in succession. The belt will pick up the transfers without requiring an operator.