Introducing the new RICOH G2 DTG WHITE INK!

Compatible Printer Models:

RICOH Ri 1000

RICOH Ri 1000X

RICOH Ri 2000

Advantages of the New White Ink Type G2

Better Nozzle Jetting Performance: Ensures smooth ink flow for consistent high-quality prints.

Longer Shelf Life: Extends from 10 months to 24 months, maximizing your return on investment.

Improved Optimal Humidity: The ideal humidity range is now 35-80%, ensuring smooth ink flow.

Reduced Waste: Minimizes wasted ink caused by clogging, leading to greater cost savings.

Exceptional Print Quality: Delivers rich, vivid colors and sharp details.

Enhanced Durability: Offers outstanding wash fastness and long-lasting prints.

The industry's leading high-performance DTG printer deserves high-performance ink. Print in virtually unlimited shades of rich brilliant color with Ricoh Garment Ink formulated for the RICOH Ri 1000 / RICOH Ri 1000X and RICOH Ri2000.

These items are Original OEM Ricoh Ri1000 / Ri1000x / Ri2000 Ink Cartridges and come in 200ml or 500ml (high yield) capacity. Select fro m the size and color of your choice.

The Ricoh Ri1000, Ri1000x and Ri2000 all use the same inks/cartridges, with the only exception being the W1 (White 1) vs W2 (White 2), as follows:

For Ricoh Ri1000 and Ri2000, you need both the W1 (White 1) and W2 (White 2) 

In the newer Ricoh Ri1000X, the W2 is not used, instead the Ri1000X utilizes 2 of the W1 cartridges.

We have now offered a substantial value bundle, if you order a full set of inks, you also get a FREE 1 Liter bottle of the SK Pretreatment, which is designed to work perfectly in conjunction with Ricoh inks and with all DTG printers / inks. The SK Pretreatment is produced by SK Color, one of the most experienced chemical producers in the garment and textile industries. It delivers beautiful images on dark garments. The fluid is easy to apply, dries soft to the touch and can be cured with either tunnel dryer or heat press without staining.