What Is The Role Of RIP Software In DTG T-Shirt Printing?

Printed garments are in fashion and for this reason, garment printing has become a big business. However, it is the technology that should be credited for the popularity of garment printing. Direct-to-garment or DTG t-shirt printing is the advanced technology available for customizing garments with colors, designs, and patterns. It works well for all types of fabrics and it gives long-lasting and amazing prints. 

Advantages of direct-to-garment printing

1. Shorter preparation time

Direct-to-garment is more useful because of its shorter preparation time. It needs little preparation that enhances the production speed in the long run. You can easily complete bulk printing orders in a hassle-free manner. Also, you can print even a single piece of garment with this technology. The number of pieces of garments won’t be a concern if you are using a direct-to-garment printing process.

2. Simple printing process

A quality DTG printer works like an everyday printer. In this way, you don’t have to worry about getting any training or experience on the new technology. Also, anyone in your team can run the machine and print t-shirts, shirts, and other garments. Together with a shorter preparation time and an efficient machine, you can do a great job.

3. Vibrant designs

DTG is better known for producing amazing designs in comparison to other methods. It is only direct-to-garment printing that can give stunning colors. Also, it can print any design because it employs RIP software. This application allows making color setting a hassle-free affair. The use of software enhances the vibrancy of colors and makes them look natural. The design looks like a part of a garment instead of something forced on it.

4. Unrivalled quality

DTG is the best printing process for fashion apparel such as t-shirts and polo shirts. The fashion garment industry relies heavily on the direct-to-garment printing process to get quick designs with amazing details and vibrancy. Whether you want to print intricate logos on sports dresses or customize a single piece of garment with a specific design, the DTG process can give the desired results.

5. Environmentally friendly

Printing involves inks that could contain harmful chemicals. But DTG t-shirt printing is considered safer because it prints directly on the garment. The inks are spread on a treated surface so they absorb maximum ink. In other words, it produces minimum wastage that poses no risk to the environment. Also, DTG is further automated to make it more environmentally friendly.