Why Are iColor Printers Better than Others?

If you are looking for a quality garment printer for your printing business, you should first make a list of the popular printing machines available in the market. The second thing is to list their features so you can compare their usability and performance. According to experts, iColor printers work better than others. They score high on all important factors.

1. Upgraded LED machine

Whether it is color contrast or print speed, this printing machine scores high on everything that matters to you. It can give up to 36 pages per minute without compromising on the color quality. Each page will have high high-definition digital LED color. This machine will not only boost your print speed but work quality as well.  

2. Largest print area

Another area where this printer gets the highest scores over others is the print area. It can print up to 17” designs. If your clients ask for better and bigger designs for garments and banners, you can easily promise quality work. This machine will never let you down. It will give high-quality images.

3. Print optimizer software

iColor 560 printer can easily print high-quality images with the help of inbuilt print optimizer software. The operator doesn’t need to be an expert in Photoshop or Illustrator to work on this printing machine. Also, no weeding is required to develop colors and prints. It will keep you from all worries related to print quality.

4. Fluorescent white toner

A white toner is needed for direct-to-garment printing but it won’t be a concern if you are using this printing machine. It comes with a quality toner that gives the best results you can think of. In this way, it can help prepare the design for printing. 

5. Maintenance free

There is no messy clean-up with this printing machine. It is absolutely maintenance-free. It is so because it uses toners that require little cleaning. Printers that use ink require regular cleaning to remove the leftover ink. Cleaning an ink printer is a messy and time-consuming job. But the printers that use toners can save you time and effort. 

6. Zero setup time

iColor 650 printer has zero setup time. It is like a plug-and-play machine that you can use soon after unpacking. Instructions for setting the machine are given in the user manual provided in the packing. Also, you can access online customer support for quick help. Customer support is readily available for all problems including non-technical ones.