Understanding the various benefits of white toner printer

White toner printers took business customization to new heights during their launch a few short years ago. They are used mostly as a T-shirt transfer printer but are gaining a reputation for making promotional products like coasters, can coolers, awards, ornaments, etc. And they have been inclined as an option to direct-to-garment printers, sublimation, and even screen printing for the below-mentioned reasons:

  • Almost zero maintenance, so they are very trouble-free to own
  • Versatility, which means you can make promotional products, custom apparel, stickers, and more
  • Ease of operation, so there is nothing to operating the printer itself

Why is a white toner printer vital?

Since its inception, transfer printing has been an issue: You cannot get an attractive print onto a dark T-shirt. When you apply CMYK to a dark shirt, the colours are very boring.

It is just like applying a new paint colour to a wall that is already painted brown, black, or red. If you apply a yellow coat to a black wall, you will end up with a dull orange colour rather than the vivacious yellow—if not you prime it first. White toner performs as a basic coverage for t-shirt transfers.

Hence, sublimation transfers can only be useful for light-coloured 100% synthetic material T-shirts, like polyester, and no white toner. 

Options for white toner printer 

The primary option is whether the printer is including white toner or black. A few colour-led printers with white toner in them started life as a regular CMYK printer.

That combination offers you an extensive colour range. It is what you are used to seeing when you see anything printed in full colour. Maximum white toner printers have substituted the white colour for the black colour toner. So instead of a CMYK printer, you get a CMYW printer.

Since a CMYW printer does not have black toner, a blend of the other three colours produces what is called a composite black. Composite black looks perfect if you know how to use it and is completely appropriate for most designs, particularly for custom T-shirt applications.

In the business of customization, they do just about all. You can customize dark T-shirts, light T-shirts, polyester, cotton, and blends. And as they produce transfers, you can sell wholesale transfers, a wholly different business supplying them to other customizers out there. Apart from the apparel, your business can use these printers to modify hard goods like glass, wood, ceramic, and metal.

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