Benefits of White Toner Printers

White toner printers have taken the customization business to the next level since their introduction a few years early. They are mostly used as a T-shirt transfer printer, but nowadays are gaining popularity for making promotional products like posters, awards, can coolers, ornaments, etc. Recently they have been pitched as a great alternative to direct to garment printers, screen printing, and sublimation. These printers are a multi-tool in the customization business as they can customize dark T-shirts, light T-shirts, Polyester, cotton, and blends. White toner printers customize hard goods like metal, wood, glass, and ceramic.

Features of white toner printers-

They are easy to own as they have almost zero maintenance.

It has versatility which means you can make a custom appeal, stickers, promotional products, etc.

It is easy to operate, so there’s nothing to operate the printer itself.

Importance of white toner printer

There’s always been a problem with transfer printing as it can’t get beautiful print onto a dark T-shirt or hard goods. As soon as you apply CMYK to a dark shirt, the color becomes dull. This is just like applying a new paint color to a wall that has already been painted red, brown, or black. For example, if you apply yellow paint to a black wall, you’ll end up with a dull orange color instead of the vibrant yellow- unless you prime it first. White toner printers work like a primer for T-shirt transfers. This is why sublimation transfers are applied only to light-colored 100% synthetic material. T-shirts like polyester- no white toner.

White owner printer options-

The first thing that comes to mind is whether the printer adds white toner or trades it for black. Some of the color-let printers that have white toner started their life as regular CMYK printers. Where C stands for cyan, M stands for magenta, Y stands for yellow, and K stands for black. This particular combination gives the widest color range, and this is why people are used to seeing it while printed in full color.

Nowadays, most white toner printers have started substituting the white color for the black color toner. So rather than a CMYK printer, nowadays you get a CMYW printer, where W stands for white. Sensor C MYW printer does not have black toner. The combination of the other three colors produces what’s called composite black. This composite black looks great. If only you knew how to use it. It is perfectly appropriate for most designs, especially for custom t-shirt applications.

There are mainly four big names in white owner printing and differentiated by modification, manufacturing, and branding. They are-

OKI- It is a stable and large company that pioneered white toner transfer and the white toner transfer printing business.

UniNET- these printers mirror the sizes of the OKI printers.

Digital Heat FX- it is the most searched white toner printer brand and is made of custom bundles of the best from UniNet and OKI.

Ghost- is an aftermarket toner system kit that allows modifying certain models of color laser printers to make a white toner printer.

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